We are a school accredited by the Callan Organisation.
We use the Callan Method, whose motto is ‘English in ¼ of the time’.

ChatRoom believes that the fastest way to become fluent in a foreign language is by learning through conversation.

And confident that “speaking is the best way to learn”, ChatRoom adopted a teaching method which relies on lessons in a classroom, giving greater importance to communication but without neglecting other aspects of the language, such as lexical, phonological and syntactic skills.

Thus the Callan Method is introduced in Portugal for the first time. This method has been tested for more than 50 years and internationally recognised for its efficiency, having been adopted in several countries.

From the very beginning, the direct contact with the teacher and role play situations allow the students to speak. The structural aspects of the language are taught naturally and progressively.

With the Callan Method any student can learn English and he/she begins to see results right from the very first lesson.

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Callan Method Callan Acredited School

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